It was definitely a day where if I didnt laugh I would have cried...

Today was just one of those days where if I didn't laugh, I would have just cried. Hang on, there were some tears in there somewhere, but definitely a lot of laughing.

Just like every other day, Boo sets the tone for how the day will end up. Of course she does you say, she is running riot through her terrible two's after all.

We managed to make it out the door by 9:30am with no tantrums and tears. Maybe I yelled once or twice after chasing her around her bedroom to get her dressed but overall, great start!

We picked up 'Ma' on the way into town... we were heading in to check some things off my "to do" and "to get" lists.

Full steam ahead with our day, until....

Incident No. 1 - In the car, half way there, Boo starts gagging... saying "sick Mumma... sick". I've never pulled over so quickly in my life. I really don't do vomit so I had to get my equipment into that back seat pronto. I screamed at my mum, "quick, shes going to be sick... open the glove box!!!" In there was a vomit bag container thingy from the days of working in a hospital... bonus... and a big cloth nappy square and a plastic bag. I didn't want to get her out of the car because we were on a highway and the weather was as wintery as it gets. So I jumped in the back seat, how I have no idea, I'm really not that agile... but in a vomit situation I obviously am. Draped the nappy over her as a drop sheet, I had the sick bag ready for a catch and then..... nothing! So we journeyed on, Ma driving, me still sitting there waiting for the catch and still.. nothing. False alarm!!! I'm going to use that situation as a drill... you know the fire drills you have at work... yep, we have vomit drills now, and I'm damn efficient!

So we get into town, park the car, wander into the shopping centre. After much discussion, we had come to the conclusion that Boo might have been car sick as she was playing with the iPad from the moment we left home, hardly looking up so.. maybe??  She seemed a bit flat so Ma and I, the bright sparks that we are, decided, lets get her a bottle of apple juice... that will pep her up. And so the story continues....

20 minutes later, I no longer had a flat, quiet toddler on my hands, I now had one that was swinging from the ceiling, jumping the isles of all the shops we were in. Seriously... like she needed all that sugar. We are so clever sometimes ;)

So you can see where the day was headed... This post really could go on for pages and pages as it was seriously one thing after another right up until bed time, but I'm just going to talk about a few of the "outstanding incidence" that made me think, yep, today is one of those days.

Incident no.2 - Ma had decided to go to a shop that was just outside the shopping centre so I decided to park on a chair near the entry and feed Ace some food. Boo was bouncing around me, bouncing being an understatement! All of a sudden their was "Boo silence".... oh ohhh.... WTF!!! I turn around  to see Boo lying on the ground in the middle of the entrance of the shopping centre, flat on her back, hands behind her head, legs crossed, just like she was on the Queensland coast catching herself a tan! Oh my, I tried my hardest to remain calm and not look like the crazy woman with the feral child but I don't think I did a good job at it! You get that....

Incident no. 3 - Mummy fail of the day, I put a brand new pair of pants on Boo today and for anyone that knows her, knows her waist is tiny! So, the pants were way to big but I thought they weren't too bad after I pulled her top over them. I was wrong. Now, picture in your mind a major shopping centre food court at 1pm, got it? Madness. Now picture me walking down the centre of it, pushing the pram with Boo trailing a metre behind and we come to a very quick stop when I hear... "MUMMMMAAA, MAH PANTS FALLED DOWN!!" being screeched at me. I turn around to find Boo with her pants around her ankles. Oh dear. I admitted to all the people around me that thought it was the funniest, most cutest thing that they had seen that yes, it was a mummy fail day... and then it got worse because on closer inspection, I realised that I hadn't even cut the tag off the pants. Oh yeh.... oh dear.

I could continue with incident no. 4, 5,6,15, insert tears by Mumma at incident 16, but I think you get the picture.

The joy's of toddler's. Lucky she's damn cute and finished off the day with a "Love you Mumma"!

The END...of today! Thank god. Time for a drink?

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