What shall I be when I grow up?

I have this question going through my head over and over lately.

I asked it out loud last night, and the response from Dad'n was less than thrilling.

What shall I be when I grow up?

"What do you mean, what do you want to be when you grow up? I hate to break it to you Hun, but your thirty, and you're a nurse."

Well there you go hey, glad he cleared that up for me! Pfft. What does he know.

Is this the whole mid life crisis thing setting in ahead of time?

Is it itchy feet with one child heading off to school on the horizon?

It's definitely something. And it doesn't seem to be leaving me alone in a hurry.

So really, Dad'n did have a point.  I am thirty. And I am a nurse. But I feel that was so BC (before children). I don't completely feel like that person anymore and I don't enjoy it like I used to. Not to mention shift work being unfriendly to work around the family, school drop off / pick ups ect...

There are a few idea's that get me excited... Heading back to school is definitely one! But then the realities chime in and bring me back to earth and I am left right back at the beginning, asking what I shall be when I grow up?

Anyone else out there asking this same question?