The one where you accidently change your child's name.

Ace's "real" name was decided while he was still a little belly babe. We couldn't have imagined naming him anything else. We were in love with it. That was his name. End of story.

Ace then came into the big wide world. We officially gave him his name. The name we thought we would call him forever.

How wrong we were.

You see, Boo couldn't say the name we gave him. Along the way she found her own variation of his name, she named him "Ace".

Somehow, Ace has stuck. We all call him by this. Most people call him by this. Some people don't even know his actual name.

Dad'n and I joke all the time that we really should change his birth certificate as we don't know him by his given name... I don't even think Ace does?

Has anyone else accidentally changed their child's name?

Come to think of it, he could also think his name is Mo Mo Monster.... just saying ;)

This was Ace living life up as the dirty camp kid over Easter....


How do you keep a memory alive?

I posted a photo on Facebook tonight that has stuck in my mind.

It was a photo of Boo helping make meatballs which took me back to memories of Nonnie.

Nonnie has been gone for a bit over a year now. A long year in some ways... in others seems like yesterday we still had her. We all have our memories of her and we all talk of her regularly.

The thing is, I want Boo to keep her memories. I want her to remember who she was. She still talks of her every now and then, but I am worried in time, it will become less and less.

I want to keep talking of her, I want to go through all our photos regularly and tell Boo all of the stories and experiences we had. I want to keep her memories alive.

Is it possible? Can you help a child hold on to the few memories that they have while growing up?

I really hope I can.


Just a little journey...

Back in February 2012, I started something. That something was a journey to a better version of myself.

For as long as I can remember, I have never been happy with my weight. I have always been starting a new diet, making New Years resolutions, setting goals, but never succeeding at any of them. This was a cycle. A cycle that I honestly thought I would be on for my entire life. I never actually believed I would do it, that I would ever reach my goal. Maybe that's why I never succeeded? I never believed.

It has been a long journey, 14 months and counting... And will keep counting as I feel like this really is just the beginning of things I can now achieve.

On this journey, I have lost 16.8kg to have just hit a major milestone, I have learnt to run, and I have learnt the ability to believe that I can do things if I want them bad enough. Pretty damn awesome huh?

So when you are wondering if you really can achieve a goal, question whether you really believe you can do it. You might be surprised if you start...