My new reality of social media.

The reality of sharing on social media is that some people just aren't going to like what you share.

I am okay with that, I completely get it. People dabble in social media and share different interests for  different reasons, so it would only be natural for you not to "get" what some people are about, just as in real life.

The next part is what I don't get.

There is a fork in the road after you decide that you are not on the same page as someone that you follow.

The roads lead in two very different directions.

You can take it for what it is, a simple difference of opinions / taste / interests and "unfollow" OR you can take another road. This other road is the one where you take it upon yourself to speak to behalf of the entire social media platform and dissect and assess this persons online presence and character. Oh but make sure that you use the words honest / constructive because that should make everything you say A-Okay.

I guess as a person that always sees the pretty side to life, negativity does not sit well with me. I am not emotionally strong and I can not deal with conflict. And I most certainly didn't think that my online presence would create such a strong negative opinion. But I was wrong... real wrong.

Yes, I share glimpses of my life. And glimpses is all they are. I choose to keep my online presence positive and pretty as that is who I am. I don't feel that is a reason to judge that I am portraying a fictitiously perfect life. It is simply a highlight reel. That's it.

Do I have struggles and problems just like every other person. Of course I do. What person doesn't?  I have never claimed otherwise. But just because I do not chose to share them does not mean I am trying to elude the fact.

Is this a vent, a therapy for over coming something that has happened? I think it is. First instinct, or I guess defence, was to close everything I had down and cry. But as the days pass I have realised that I shouldn't stop something that I do enjoy doing because of some one's opinion.

SO. The take away on this one... If you are thinking about telling someone exactly what it is you don't like about their social media presence... My advise is don't. Just don't follow / read their material and move on with your life. End of story.

Might I delete this post in a few days? Maybe...

But for now I wanted to get it out and share my new reality of social media. And unfortunately, it wasn't pretty.


Our new and improved laundry... Did someone say storage?

When building a home, you try and cram as many ideas and wants as you can in the process. 
Unfortunately, in the process, sometimes there are wants that just don't get across the line due to sheer lack of availability or funds.
It was an exciting month in The Bower Birds  Nest, as I was able to see of my 'wants' come to life and get the laundry I wanted. 
Even if it was 18months down the track...
So here it is!
Our new and improved laundry.
It makes me VERY happy. Like kind of a bit sickly happy. We all know by now that I am a bit odd like that. Oh and that I also like to label everything.
Enjoy the laundry gallery!









There once was a little boy that LOVED going to the zoo.

He loved going to see all of his favourite animals. Seeing what was new. Seeing what adventure he could find.

It was coming up to this little boys birthday!

So I wonder what this little boy would like to do for his party?

His Mummy sat him down to talk about what sort of birthday party he would like... and there in a split second it was decided.


And there it was. The party theme was born.


We decided the colours, the decorations, the invitations, the animals....

The animals. This is were we had very different ideas. 

I thought I was being a bit clever arranging for a "animal man" to come and give us a display of all different animals.. But unfortunately, this translated into a soon to be four year old thinking that lions, tigers and bears were coming. Oh my.

With a bit of tweaking to the theme, we ventured into the realms of a "safari party" and that the animals were more likely to be from the Australian Desert. Yes? Phew. He followed. No more lions, tigers OR bears expected.


And so on Saturday, the 4th of July. Ace's Safari Party went off without a hitch.

The little boy who loved the Zoo was amazed with every bit of magic that his Mummy and Daddy created for him.

The End. 

Time to get on with the pictures! Apologies in advance for the poor quality photos, our garage didn't lend the best lighting. But crappy photos were a small price to pay for a little boy having his own little safari land. 


What poeple didn't tell me about sending my child off to school...

Two months ago, I was not in a great place.

It sounds so dramatic that sentence... But it's true.

I was in turmoil regarding my first born child, my baby girl Boo, heading off to school for the first time.

Boo was starting Prep.

Everyone joked about crying in the car after drop off. Wear sunnies to make sure your kid doesn't see. Do something fun after drop off to distract yourself they said. All light hearted stuff really!

But here is what they didn't say. 

Sometimes, those things above just don't cut it!

For the weeks leading up to that first day, I was an absolute nut case. Not funny haha nutcase, I mean, sort your S#%T out kinda nut case.

I cried at night. I felt sick at the thought that it was getting closer each day. I was literally consumed by it all.

I had this feeling that things were never going to be the same, and I didn't like it.

I missed her so much with just the thought and it was breaking my heart.

Two months on...

I can now process those feelings and say that as everyone told me, it was all okay.

Yes. I was a nut case and yes, I did sort my S#%T out.

She wasn't heading off to boarding school, just 5 minutes down the road. And she was still my baby when she got home.

I still miss her when she is there. But 3:10pm comes around pretty quickly.

Hindsight hey.