Don't you just love a satisfying Sunday...

Today is Sunday.

It has been a satisfying day!

I love it when Sundays are a good day. It makes it feel okay that the week is about to start again.

It was an early start, which I must admit I wasn't too impressed with. Ace decided he wanted to start his Sunday at 4.30am. Hmmmm. Bit early! The rest of the day has just been lazy. But it hasn't been the lazy type that you get grumpy that you have wasted a day...

It's been cloudy, and definitely not the warmest. We got fish and chips for lunch. Both babes had a lovely long afternoon nap soon after. I went back to bed and followed their lead. Dad'n got to enjoy watching some football and even managed to bake some muffins for us (our Dad'n is a bit awesome like that). I got woken up by the sound of super heavy rain on our tin roof. Afternoon coffee from my new coffee machine with a side of a Choc Muffin.

Babes now chilling out in the toy room and Dad'n and I milking our lazy day by relaxing on the couch... iPad attached to my lap ;)

Oh yeh!

Now to think about scooping up the the babes to put them in the car, and make our way over to my parents for a roast!

And that my friends... Is a satisfying Sunday in my little world!


Me and my BFF... The Universe.

I know... I know... I preach a lot about the Universe.

But seriously.... It is a good way to live!

Lately, I have just been receiving one confirmation after another. I obviously have taken the right path.

I  just put something out there, I send it to the universe, and I wait. Lately, it seems everything is returning back to me almost in a gift box with a bow and card saying "Here you go Steph, enjoy!'

I blogged about our move and over a month on can tell you... BEST MOVE EVER!!!!

And now I will be taking you on my next adventure that the universe has quite happily plopped in front of me over the past few days.

What is it you may ask? Well if you are a friend of mine on Facie you would already know by my flooding of your newsfeed ;)

I have always loved Photography. Always been a photo junky but never really thought much about it.
A few weeks ago, not even, I decided that I was going to learn how to use my camera properly (loved auto mode!!) but wanted to start taking some awesome photos! Not really thinking where this would take me... just really putting it out to see what would happen through social media. What do you know... I have been now been presented with several opportunities to persue it further!

My head just spins!

If you haven't already.... Do yourself a favour and read The Secret.

This is what I am thankful for today on this lovely Thankful Thursday. Linking up with KateSaysStuff!

Leaving you my favourite photo from my first newborn photo shoot. Oh Miss E, you are still making me cluck!

A thing called a Liebster Award!

I've received an awesome blog award! It's called the Liebster Award.
This award is given to blogs with under 200 followers who inspire others. It came from a lovely lady over at Delightfully Tacky Little Squirts.
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I will happily accept this delightful award and share it with five worthy bloggers who I love to follow. Check them out:
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Love sharing the love!