There once was a little boy that LOVED going to the zoo.

He loved going to see all of his favourite animals. Seeing what was new. Seeing what adventure he could find.

It was coming up to this little boys birthday!

So I wonder what this little boy would like to do for his party?

His Mummy sat him down to talk about what sort of birthday party he would like... and there in a split second it was decided.


And there it was. The party theme was born.


We decided the colours, the decorations, the invitations, the animals....

The animals. This is were we had very different ideas. 

I thought I was being a bit clever arranging for a "animal man" to come and give us a display of all different animals.. But unfortunately, this translated into a soon to be four year old thinking that lions, tigers and bears were coming. Oh my.

With a bit of tweaking to the theme, we ventured into the realms of a "safari party" and that the animals were more likely to be from the Australian Desert. Yes? Phew. He followed. No more lions, tigers OR bears expected.


And so on Saturday, the 4th of July. Ace's Safari Party went off without a hitch.

The little boy who loved the Zoo was amazed with every bit of magic that his Mummy and Daddy created for him.

The End. 

Time to get on with the pictures! Apologies in advance for the poor quality photos, our garage didn't lend the best lighting. But crappy photos were a small price to pay for a little boy having his own little safari land. 

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