My tips to an organised pantry.

 Sharing some pantry love today...
There is nothing I love more than a well organised pantry.
And Tupperware.
A while back I even dabbled at being the Tupperware lady. That's how much I loved it.
Here are my tips of keeping a well organised pantry:
  • Labelled containers. They don't have to be Tupperware but storing everything in like containers will have you off to a flying start to having an organised pantry. It makes life so much easier, to be able to see exactly what you have. Not to mention, being able to retain the freshness of your items.
  • Baskets. These are great to contain like items all in the one spot that can't go into a container. I got mine just from Safeway for $9.00 each and I love them. I have one for bread, potato's / onions, lunch bags and condiments [including: oils, salt and peppers ect]. I feel a few more will be introduced in the near future as there are a few area's in my pantry that need reorganising.
  • Wire rack / shelves. I don't have any in my current pantry as I designed my shelves so I didn't need them. I had them in my previous home though and they worked wonders. They provide you more space, especially in storing cans ect. If you have deep shelves, or a lot of space between your shelves, they will use up the empty space. They are available at Ikea and are an inexpensive way to increase your storage capacity without storing items on top of items.
  • Weekly tidy ups. Like all of the different area's in my house that I like to keep organised, none of them would stay the way I like without weekly attention. If done weekly, it literally takes a few minutes of your time to get it looking beautiful again. With my pantry, I do this before food shopping day. It is  helpful time to take stock of what you already have [which helps with meal planning] and what you need to buy. Having everything in containers also makes this process easier as you can see exactly what is there.
In my pantry, I also designed myself "housewife station".
I didn't need or want a full study, but I really wanted somewhere to do my meal planning, keep my diary and everything homely and comes with being a housewife. I figured I loved my pantry, so why not put it in there?
Above my bench is a shelve designed for all my cook books.
Underneath, you will also see a basket [which came from the Reject Shop for $10], which is designated to all the kids artwork that comes home from Kinder. If it isn't getting hung up on their artwork display wire,  it goes in here. From here, once the basket is full, I will take photo's of the piece to add to a photo book. Kinder and school mum's will know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep every single piece that comes home.
Under there is also a hook to the left, that is my handbag hook. I have quite a thing for nice bags so decided I needed something to keep them off the floor. A $5.00 hook from Bunnings does the trick beautifully.
I hope that has given some insight into how I organise my Pantry and maybe shared some inspiration.

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