Holidaying in Singapore... Here is how it went!

Our family holiday this year had us returning back to somewhere special, back to where Dad'n and I got married... back to Thailand!

The way the flights happened, it also had us in Singapore.

Why just fly through we thought? So we stopped over for four days on the way home.

Here is what we thought of it.

* It is amazing. Every second corner gives you something to wow about.

* It is beautiful. Everything is beautiful.

* It is the cleanest place I have ever seen.

* It is the easiest place to get around. Whether you brave the MRT, or get in a dirt cheap taxi. It is all easy.

* It has so much amazing food.

* Shopping... everywhere!

* Pricing... I would say is equivalent to Melbourne prices

* So many different things to do and see. So many that it is overwhelming to chose what to do when you are only there a short time.

* We stayed at the Swissotel Merchant Court which was in Clark Quay. We found the location really good. Rooms were really large which is rare in Singapore apparently. And the pool was a big hit at the end of a hot day out and about.

* And last of all... We will definitely be back!

Here is a bit of a look at our time...
 // Singapore
 // This is the highway. Can you imagine our highway lined with gardens like this?

// This is one of my favourite buildings we found. The Park Royal. Covered in beautiful greenery.

// Bugis Cube and Junction. A great shopping district.
// Chili Crab @ Jumbo's Seafood in Clark Quay - Bookings essential!
// We caught the cable car over to Sentosa Island. Beware if you are scared of heights. Lots of deep breathing required on my behalf. Views were worth it though.
// A day at Universal Studio's - Sentosa Island. A must.

// Hire buggy at Universal Studio's - Best $20 ever spent. It is a BIG day for little legs.
// Marina Bay Sands. What can I say. This building is breath taking to see in real life.

// A day on the "Hippo Bus" [Hop on Hop off bus]
A little exxy but it is a fabulous way to see EVERYTHING. It is a double decker bus that travels the whole town. As the name suggests, you hop on and hop off when ever you please. Your ticket is valid for 24 hours. The kids LOVED this day. 

// The Swissotel Merchant Court. We were very happy with our accommodation choice.
I hope that gave you a taste of Singapore.
If you are thinking of hitting it up, I highly recommend it. It's a pretty fab place.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! We're heading there next month, and still tossing whether to go to universal Studios with my 4 year old.

    1. Oh Stephanie I am jealous, if only I could say we were going next month! I honestly cant wait to get back there.

      Have you been before?

      Our 4 year old LOVED universal. So did our nearly 3 year old. I didn't think there would be many age appropriate rides for them being so young but there really was!

      Happy holiday planning :)


    2. Have been many times before but without a 4 year old. It should be fun!

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