My new reality of social media.

The reality of sharing on social media is that some people just aren't going to like what you share.

I am okay with that, I completely get it. People dabble in social media and share different interests for  different reasons, so it would only be natural for you not to "get" what some people are about, just as in real life.

The next part is what I don't get.

There is a fork in the road after you decide that you are not on the same page as someone that you follow.

The roads lead in two very different directions.

You can take it for what it is, a simple difference of opinions / taste / interests and "unfollow" OR you can take another road. This other road is the one where you take it upon yourself to speak to behalf of the entire social media platform and dissect and assess this persons online presence and character. Oh but make sure that you use the words honest / constructive because that should make everything you say A-Okay.

I guess as a person that always sees the pretty side to life, negativity does not sit well with me. I am not emotionally strong and I can not deal with conflict. And I most certainly didn't think that my online presence would create such a strong negative opinion. But I was wrong... real wrong.

Yes, I share glimpses of my life. And glimpses is all they are. I choose to keep my online presence positive and pretty as that is who I am. I don't feel that is a reason to judge that I am portraying a fictitiously perfect life. It is simply a highlight reel. That's it.

Do I have struggles and problems just like every other person. Of course I do. What person doesn't?  I have never claimed otherwise. But just because I do not chose to share them does not mean I am trying to elude the fact.

Is this a vent, a therapy for over coming something that has happened? I think it is. First instinct, or I guess defence, was to close everything I had down and cry. But as the days pass I have realised that I shouldn't stop something that I do enjoy doing because of some one's opinion.

SO. The take away on this one... If you are thinking about telling someone exactly what it is you don't like about their social media presence... My advise is don't. Just don't follow / read their material and move on with your life. End of story.

Might I delete this post in a few days? Maybe...

But for now I wanted to get it out and share my new reality of social media. And unfortunately, it wasn't pretty.