Our iPad charging station.

We have to many iPad's in this household. It's ridiculous. But we do. That's life.

My daily dilemma was where to home them all while charging without looking untidy. We all know I don't like untidy!

One evening, I stumbled across a lovely Facebook page selling labels called Pretty Paper Label (for labelling addicts, your welcome!).

It was that evening, that our lives changed. Ha, dramatic... but true.

My prayers were answered.

An iPad charging station!

Here is what you will need:

1 x IKEA Kvissle letter tray $34.99

A drill with a large drill bit or we used tin snips to cut out the back holes to pass the cords through

1 x power board

Think iPad's, phones, laptops...

You're welcome!


The princess and knight birthday party

Boo had a birthday. She turned 5! 

She wanted a Princess birthday party. As you do when your a little girl.

I am a little partial to a good kids birthday party, not to mention a good theme. Who was I to argue with her?

We did struggle with the theme once the guest list was finalised. We had quite a few boys coming, so we decided to turn it into a "Princess and Knight" party. Settled. Easy done. 

With our moving and renting in a non-friendly party home.... This was our first year that we have been settled and able to go all out. I felt like I had a few years of pent up party planning to get out of my system, so party planning is what I did.

We built castles. We made bubble princess wands and swords. We made princess hats. The list goes on. We basically lived in Princess and Knight land for the lead up to the party. Completely normal. No?

I know it's OTT. I can be over the top with a lot of things. No judging okay ;)

So here is a few snaps of our wonderful day.





x Happy Birthday Boo xx