A little corner to create a masterpiece...

After researching (ie. scrolling through Pintrest) playrooms, I had come to the conclusion that I liked the concept of creating zones within the playroom.

I liked that the kids could focus on that one task and have everything there in that space that they need to keep them engaged. They can then they move on to another area once they were over it, and hopefully tidy up before they do so. Wishful thinking that last point.

At the moment, I am on my way to finishing their first zone. Their little corner to create a masterpiece. A few more little finishing touches to go, but I can see the finished product.

Boy has it been getting a work out. The kids LOVE this spot. So much drawing, colouring in, sticking... It's been amazing how much it has encouraged them to create by just having the area set up to use as they please.

I know that it may not be appropriate for everyone to have crayons and texta's available on hand as some little cherubs may take to walls ect. I have given my two the benefit of the doubt and until they abuse the privilege of having free run of the crayons... they can stay.

Where is that wood to touch?

Now to move on to their second zone. The kitchen / pretend play area. Waiting on Dad'n to approve the plans I submitted, just like council approval here LOL. Not really, but I need his builder hat on to get it finished. Beyond my scope of practice it is ;)