How we minimise school morning chaos at No.59!

So here we are again, first week back of term one!

Feeling oh so much better than I did at this point last year. To rejog your memory, I wrote a post on what they didn't tell you about your child starting school. Insert crazy emo school mum emoji here!

We have now moved on from that stage and have happily returned to give Grade 1 a whirl. Day one is done and dusted and we are all giving high fives in this house. Not even a single tear... from me that is.

Last year we seemed to have nutted out what works and what doesn't, to get us out the door with zero chaos and minimal stress. So I thought I might share our routine, just incase anyone out there might want to start nutting themselves out a morning routine.

This is only what works for us. You might scoff at it and think helllll no. But I think one of the main points to maybe take away from this post is find a routine that does work for you, and stick to it.

That's it.

So here it is my friends... The routine that goes down at No.59!

The night before.

A lot of our chaos minimising strategies happen the night before.

  •  Lunches are made, 100% ready to go. They just need the freezer block dropped in and then straight into the school bag. Ace, is only at Kinder three mornings a week, but I make his lunch box up the same regardless. This means he has a hamper ready to go for a home day or if we are out and about we can take it along with us.

  •  My planner is checked. Do we have sport / readers / notes due ect?

  • School bag is put on the kitchen bench with everything in it after checking the calendar (including hat / readers / notes ect...)

  • Next to this is Dad'ns lunch bag, his breakfast prep, wallet and keys so he can get out the door without searching for anything.

  •  Bowls and plates set out for breakfast.

  •  What's for dinner tomorrow night? Meat taken out of the freezer or then at least I know what I need to grab while I am out the next day.

  • Appropriate uniform is hung on little peoples bedroom doors (including underwear / socks / shoes)

  •  I then write myself out a schedule for the following day including what I have on, and what I would like to achieve (including housework, bookwork, cooking, appointments ect.)


Alarm goes off, it's show time!

I struggle getting up. I have the self confessed sleeping habits of a typical teenager. I go to bed WAY too late and would love to sleep all day. Buttttt, it aint gonna happen that way. Is it?

6:30am: First alarm goes off. I shut that shit down quickly.

6:45am: Second alarm. Getting closer, but no cigar.

7:00am: I am up. I am grumpy and sleepy but I am up. Why am I up? Because I don't want to be running late and i DO NOT WANT CHAOS. Full stop.

So from here I run our ship slightly military style. Ha. There ain'n no messing with my time schedule!

7:05am: Kids are up. I am making them breakfast while they wake up at the table watching TV. Breakfast is two courses. Weetbix. Followed by toast and fruit. Everyday. Thats how they roll. Makes my life easy. If my little people had their way though, they would have another three courses to follow. They love breakfast.

7:15am - 7:30am: My breakfast time. Kids are still eating...

7:30am - 8:00am: TV goes off. Little people are sent to their rooms to get dressed and I will shower and get ready. We all have half an hour for this... They know if they do it quick, it means they can play until I am ready. In this time, beds are made and rooms get a quick tidy.

8:00am - 8:10am: Everyone meets in the bathroom for face washing, hairdo's and teeth.

8:10 - 8:20am: Dogs get fed their breakfast and put outside, lunch boxes into bags, bags into cars and doors are locked.

8:20am: We are on the road. I repeat, we are on the road!!!

So there we have it friends, our military style, chaos minimising, school morning routine.

Happy back to school!