Just a little house update...

Weather has decided to play our game and building has been running lovely and smooth.

Where's that wood to touch?

So here is what has been happening on the house....

Frame was completed & the roof was on! Looks fab. A last minute change on colour was definitely the right decision.

Bricklayer's were then back, and in just under a week we had a house looking like a house!
The plan was to render the whole front of the house...
But just quietly, I really like the colour of the bricks! The picture above is no where near the true colour, they are a blue brick, they are really nice! Will rethink what we will do a little further down the track I think.
We then had the cabinet maker out and we talked kitchens! 
Pretty easy topic as Dad'n handed the microphone over to me for that one. I had it all written down point by point what I wanted. This kitchen has a lot of my hopes and dreams riding on it LOL. What? Its an important part of my life okay ;)
Not long after we went through the house with the electrician. That was just pointing out where and what we wanted... Lights, power points, more lights and then some more power points... EVERYWHERE! Thinking of building? Add lots of lights and power points!
After our electrical plan was underway and getting the 'rough in' done, it was time for me to hit the shops to find some pretty lights.
Very happy with what I found, now to wait and see what they look like when they are up!
For our entrance hall way:
Boo's  bedroom:
Ace's room:
TBA! Boy's are so much harder. On the hunt for something red!

Back to the build!
After some insulation being installed, the plastering began.
This is where I decided things are getting close!
 I can see it. I can see our vision and I absolutely LOVE it!
What's coming up?
 Kitchen and cabinets are getting installed next week and then it will be on to paint!
Job's for me?
Decide for the 50th time which floor boards are going in. This is one thing we keep changing but I think we are getting closer to the final decision. Well, we don't really have a choice! Decision needs to be made pronto.
Also, paint colours for the bedrooms.
Easy done. It's all on my to do list.