Playing the game of "Building a house"

We have played this game a few times, this will be our fourth. We quite enjoy it. It's the game of "building a house".

Building is one of those things like birth stories. You mention your plans of what you are doing and people decided to divulge everything horror like on you of all the things that can or did go wrong to their best friend's sisters aunty's step daughter. Then your left wondering about the nightmare you are entering, thinking what have you have got yourself into.

Well, we are a family that love everything about building so no nightmare stories coming from us. We embrace the fun, the stress, and the lovely finished product it leaves you with.

Don't get me wrong, we have had things go wrong, but most things wrong can be made right. Its just a part of the process and the sooner you learn to ride with it, the better experience you shall have.

We are very lucky that Dad'n is a Carpenter by trade, a wonderful one at that. He is also a Building Supervisor so it mean that he takes care of the nitty gritty for us while I focus on all things functional and pretty. We make a good team playing this game.

We are still a few weeks away from the first bounce... The commencement of construction of our new home. We have been this close for about the last 4 weeks ;) Just one of those things. It's the part of the game I dislike the most. The anticipation builds, you know how close it is to all happening, but then you have boring things such as council permits and banks dragging it out. All the fun things that are out of our control.

It will eventually come around and there will be all sorts of construction photo's flying around the blog.

Until then here is some inspiration of our new home to start building a picture in your mind....

Think clean, crisp, lots of natural light, whites, greys, splashes of yellow and lots of gorgeous.

Now I have added this image, I feel the next post coming very shortly...

What do you think the favourite part of my new house is going to be??? Did someone say kitchen???

Ohhhh yea.