Catch up!

Before logging onto here tonight I thought I would have to dust the cobwebs off first! My blog is in some desperate need of some love! I have so many posts ready to go in the blog bank in my head, just have to find the time to get them all out.

So it's time to play catch up and get you up to speed!

We have moved. We have made the sea change. I have a new nest to fluff and am loving every second of it.

It was a very VERY stressful couple of weeks packing up our old life, but now we are here and unpacked, and it was so worth it. My last post was the very emotional realisation of leaving our "home" but now we are on the other side of it all, I couldn't feel more at home even if I wanted. It feels right.

The babes have adapted wonderfully. Boo has registered the difference between our "old house" and "new house" and she seems to love the move just as much as us. She has had her first sleep over at Ma & Pa's house already and loves the thought of waking up and going for a visit. The joys of living around the corner from them... not an hour and 10 minutes away! Oh and I'm still not sick of her saying "I see beach!!!" every hour or so.

The woofies have also settled in well. They have a lovely big back yard to run around and cause trouble in. They have been well behaved and are loving their sea change.

So we are all happy. Loving our move. It's the best decision we have made. I know it.


  1. Good on ya Steph, great news. Macca told us all about your sea change and I think I'm jealous! Congrats to you and your family, I hope u make some great memories. Wobbs, B and Lexie

    1. Thanks guys!! It is very exciting :) Cant believe how much like home it already feels. You will have to pop in one day, maybe when my delightful brother comes for a visit!! xx

    2. Now that I have an invite I'll drag your brother with me, ;) take care Steph, enjoy your kiddlets