When kids say things that could be taken the wrong way!

You know the one when your kids say something that makes you cringe like crazy and want to explain yourself for the next 20 minutes?

Yep. That one. I've got a bit of a scenario like that happening at the moment.

It all started weeks back.

We were all in the car. Dad'n, Boo, Ace and myself. We were driving and half way through a round about decided to change where we were going, so continued around the round about in a full circle and go back the way we came from.

Kids thought this was great that we were going right around and Dad'n was adding to the excitement by yelling "Woooo round and around we go... it's circle work!" This is where it all began.

Now I already feel the need to explain here. It was definitely NOT circle work. Dad'n does not do circle work, and I most definitely do not do circle work. It just came out of his mouth LOL.

I now have a situation on my hands with Boo.

Every time we go around a round about or do a U turn, Boo feels the need to yell out "WOOOO MUMS DOING CIRCLE WORK!!" I sometimes just randomly get requests from her while driving to "do circle work Mum".

Oh dear. So so SO awkward!

I've explained to her so many times that it is NOT called circle work. It simply driving in a circle, and that we should stop saying that.  Apparently, circle work, as it is now known, is stuck.

So please, people that know us, people that live around our area, maybe go to our Kinder? If you hear a delightful little 4 year old girl divulging that her Mum always does circle work in the car, remember this post.

I promise. I don't!

Any things that come to your mind that kids have said that make you go "wha tha?".


If you liked my cleaning schedule, here it is for you to save and print out...

Last week... Possibly the week before? I shared a cleaning schedule that I had just made up to help keep my sparkling new house in order.

I had a few messages asking for a copy so thought I might pop it up on here so you could follow / save / print it out.

If I was a fabulous blogger, computer whiz banger, I would have it available as a downloadable for you... but I'm not :)

Has the schedule been helping here?


My housework has been completely up to date.

Still early days yet, but I am liking only having the few tasks to do each day. I can get them done while kids are having down time, instead of trying to rush through a never ending list.

It really has helped us free up a lot of time in  our household.

Is there anyone else that follows a cleaning schedule? Has it helped you?


This is just the funnest ever Mummy...

To hear the words "this is just the funnest ever Mummy".

It gives me the warm and fuzzies.

It would have to be like getting employee of the month at your work. Not that I would know what that's like? But I would say it would feel similar LOL. It makes me feel like I am doing my job and doing it well. I am making memories and helping them have a wonderful childhood.

Yes I know my kids have fun most days. Playing play dough, going to swimming lessons... but today was EXTRA fun.

It all started when I decided to give the barbecue a bit of a clean.

This is how it ended!



So the barbecue got half cleaned... This was WAY more fun to sit back and watch!

P.S: We can't wait to see Dadn's face when we show him what we got up to today.


And just like that... Our new nest is complete.

Two weeks ago today, we moved into our new nest.

The build was complete.... and our marriage intact! LOL.

Dad'n did such an amazing job and I could not be any prouder of what he achieved.

Every night since we have moved in there is a point where either of us mentions how much we love our new home... And that's the way it should be!

We are utterly and completely content in so many aspects in our life now.

I have mentioned before that having a home is very important to my morale. Not a "for now" house. Not a rental. But to have a place that is our own. To know we are settled now is such a relief and has ticked those few unchecked boxes on my life list.

It was a longish journey to get to this point.

We moved 20 months ago now, in the hope of our new home appearing before us. It didn't... So we made it appear by building it!

This one was SO worth the wait!

Very greatful right now.

Leaving you with a few happy snaps of the finished product!!

We are still  busy trying to put our touch on everything, so I will do a full house photo shoot when everything is done :)

The new love of my life - My kitchen!

Play Room



Just a little house update...

Weather has decided to play our game and building has been running lovely and smooth.

Where's that wood to touch?

So here is what has been happening on the house....

Frame was completed & the roof was on! Looks fab. A last minute change on colour was definitely the right decision.

Bricklayer's were then back, and in just under a week we had a house looking like a house!
The plan was to render the whole front of the house...
But just quietly, I really like the colour of the bricks! The picture above is no where near the true colour, they are a blue brick, they are really nice! Will rethink what we will do a little further down the track I think.
We then had the cabinet maker out and we talked kitchens! 
Pretty easy topic as Dad'n handed the microphone over to me for that one. I had it all written down point by point what I wanted. This kitchen has a lot of my hopes and dreams riding on it LOL. What? Its an important part of my life okay ;)
Not long after we went through the house with the electrician. That was just pointing out where and what we wanted... Lights, power points, more lights and then some more power points... EVERYWHERE! Thinking of building? Add lots of lights and power points!
After our electrical plan was underway and getting the 'rough in' done, it was time for me to hit the shops to find some pretty lights.
Very happy with what I found, now to wait and see what they look like when they are up!
For our entrance hall way:
Boo's  bedroom:
Ace's room:
TBA! Boy's are so much harder. On the hunt for something red!

Back to the build!
After some insulation being installed, the plastering began.
This is where I decided things are getting close!
 I can see it. I can see our vision and I absolutely LOVE it!
What's coming up?
 Kitchen and cabinets are getting installed next week and then it will be on to paint!
Job's for me?
Decide for the 50th time which floor boards are going in. This is one thing we keep changing but I think we are getting closer to the final decision. Well, we don't really have a choice! Decision needs to be made pronto.
Also, paint colours for the bedrooms.
Easy done. It's all on my to do list.


Our new nest is on it's way!

For those that follow me on Instagram, it will be no new news that our house is FINALLY underway!

Ridiculous excitement levels here, mainly from Boo and myself. Dad'n is more focused on building it rather than getting involved in our hysteria and Ace... well, he is more about the mud.

As I have mentioned in the past, we have built before, but I don't ever remember it being this exciting!

What is it about this one?

I'm not sure if it's because I am at home raising the kids, so have more time to drive past / plan / ponder?

Maybe it's because we are seeing where our future will be played out with our children? All our other homes have always been short term in the scheme of things, always having plans to move.

Is it because we designed this home?

Who knows... who cares... I just know that it is all pretty damn awesome.

We were off to a rocky start with the site cut of the block taking longer / being more involved than first thought.  The weather also turned on us and we were left with the reality of trying to build a home in the middle of winter. All fun and games right? Easy for me to say from the comfort of my ballet flats on the footpath.


Before construction could start, we had to get some of the foundations fixed up to make sure we didn't end up with any issues down the track. This included one serious retaining wall with drains down the side of the block where it was cut by the excavations.

Time started dragging about here and I was ready to see some "house". Not some wall. Some house!

This was also the point where I turned slightly bratty and toddler like. I decided it was time to leave my poor husband to the task and just wait patiently for the next phase. It was hard, but figured for the sake of our marriage, I could do it ;)

It is a damn fine retaining wall though!

Within a few more days, I got to see some actual house.

The plumbers had laid their pipes, concreter's boxed up for the slab, slab was poured and framers began. I felt I could settle. It was happening. Not it 4 weeks, not in a few days, now!

Frame is just about finished today and bricklayers have just started. Actually, so has the rain. This is seeming to be a regular occurrence, imagine that in winter?

Boo has picked her room. Ace could not of cared less. Who cares where you will sleep when there is that much mud around?

I'm starting to have the usual wife worries. What if the furniture I have bought doesn't fit / suit where. Maybe I should have made this room bigger / smaller. All first world problems that I love having. Dad'n has also formulated a standard response to everything that comes out of my mouth... "just wait until it's finished'. So I guess I will just have to wait until it is finished!

Now to get it to lock up & fix :) I'm ready to see and open our front door!


Playing the game of "Building a house"

We have played this game a few times, this will be our fourth. We quite enjoy it. It's the game of "building a house".

Building is one of those things like birth stories. You mention your plans of what you are doing and people decided to divulge everything horror like on you of all the things that can or did go wrong to their best friend's sisters aunty's step daughter. Then your left wondering about the nightmare you are entering, thinking what have you have got yourself into.

Well, we are a family that love everything about building so no nightmare stories coming from us. We embrace the fun, the stress, and the lovely finished product it leaves you with.

Don't get me wrong, we have had things go wrong, but most things wrong can be made right. Its just a part of the process and the sooner you learn to ride with it, the better experience you shall have.

We are very lucky that Dad'n is a Carpenter by trade, a wonderful one at that. He is also a Building Supervisor so it mean that he takes care of the nitty gritty for us while I focus on all things functional and pretty. We make a good team playing this game.

We are still a few weeks away from the first bounce... The commencement of construction of our new home. We have been this close for about the last 4 weeks ;) Just one of those things. It's the part of the game I dislike the most. The anticipation builds, you know how close it is to all happening, but then you have boring things such as council permits and banks dragging it out. All the fun things that are out of our control.

It will eventually come around and there will be all sorts of construction photo's flying around the blog.

Until then here is some inspiration of our new home to start building a picture in your mind....

Think clean, crisp, lots of natural light, whites, greys, splashes of yellow and lots of gorgeous.

Now I have added this image, I feel the next post coming very shortly...

What do you think the favourite part of my new house is going to be??? Did someone say kitchen???

Ohhhh yea.


The one where you accidently change your child's name.

Ace's "real" name was decided while he was still a little belly babe. We couldn't have imagined naming him anything else. We were in love with it. That was his name. End of story.

Ace then came into the big wide world. We officially gave him his name. The name we thought we would call him forever.

How wrong we were.

You see, Boo couldn't say the name we gave him. Along the way she found her own variation of his name, she named him "Ace".

Somehow, Ace has stuck. We all call him by this. Most people call him by this. Some people don't even know his actual name.

Dad'n and I joke all the time that we really should change his birth certificate as we don't know him by his given name... I don't even think Ace does?

Has anyone else accidentally changed their child's name?

Come to think of it, he could also think his name is Mo Mo Monster.... just saying ;)

This was Ace living life up as the dirty camp kid over Easter....


How do you keep a memory alive?

I posted a photo on Facebook tonight that has stuck in my mind.

It was a photo of Boo helping make meatballs which took me back to memories of Nonnie.

Nonnie has been gone for a bit over a year now. A long year in some ways... in others seems like yesterday we still had her. We all have our memories of her and we all talk of her regularly.

The thing is, I want Boo to keep her memories. I want her to remember who she was. She still talks of her every now and then, but I am worried in time, it will become less and less.

I want to keep talking of her, I want to go through all our photos regularly and tell Boo all of the stories and experiences we had. I want to keep her memories alive.

Is it possible? Can you help a child hold on to the few memories that they have while growing up?

I really hope I can.


Just a little journey...

Back in February 2012, I started something. That something was a journey to a better version of myself.

For as long as I can remember, I have never been happy with my weight. I have always been starting a new diet, making New Years resolutions, setting goals, but never succeeding at any of them. This was a cycle. A cycle that I honestly thought I would be on for my entire life. I never actually believed I would do it, that I would ever reach my goal. Maybe that's why I never succeeded? I never believed.

It has been a long journey, 14 months and counting... And will keep counting as I feel like this really is just the beginning of things I can now achieve.

On this journey, I have lost 16.8kg to have just hit a major milestone, I have learnt to run, and I have learnt the ability to believe that I can do things if I want them bad enough. Pretty damn awesome huh?

So when you are wondering if you really can achieve a goal, question whether you really believe you can do it. You might be surprised if you start...


One hour in and two stops later...

...  the kids are asleep in the backseat.  One hour down, four to go.

Blogging today from the comfort of the passenger seat of the Territory. Different!

We are heading our up the river (Murray River) for the Easter break and I could not be more excited.

We worked out that this would be our 12th year heading to the same spot. Each year it is all our immediate family with a few different add on's each year... We journey up and camp on the banks of the river. It makes me warm and fuzzy. I love tradition and love that my kids are now starting to experience and enjoy our tradition.

We cook, we eat, we waterski, we relax, we drink, we cook and eat some more, we fish, we do happy hour, we enjoy.

So in a few more hours we will be busy putting our tent up and setting up our home for the next 5 days, and not to mention making it welcoming for the fuzzy bunny on Sunday...

Hopefully will have some fab happy snaps to share on our return.

Have a safe and happy Easter everyone!


The update on my little big boy...

Ace is officially our big little boy now.

Transition from cot to toddler bed seems to have gone off without a hitch. It's still very early days, but I'm going to celebrate our wins as the come. I really did think I would be in for a battle with this one. Apparently not.

First night. No problems, was asleep straight away with no attempts to get out. In the morning he was up at 6.45am, went into Boo's room next door, woke her up and then she brought him upstairs to me. All pretty civil.

Tonight. Settled with his normal routine, then decided to get up 20 minutes later. Dad'n took him straight back to bed, told him it was nigh nigh time and then we didn't hear from him again. Out to it. 

I'm sure there will be some rougher nights ahead but that's okay. The initial transition for him... and me is over and now we can  just roll with it. Wasn't that bad after all...

Now I'm just left wondering where my newbie went... I'm sure I just had him?

Nigh nigh Acey boy.


A forced transition starting now.

As the title states, a forced transition is occurring in the Bower Birds Nest, effective immediately.

Upstairs, making my self a cup of tea, yes our kitchen is upstairs, and heard a huge thump.

The thump was followed by some serious tears. As I ran downstairs to investigate, my fears turned into reality. Ace had just climbed out of his cot and fallen onto the ground. He met me at the bedroom door hysterical. Okay, but hysterical.

I know, kids do it all the time. I've just heard some horror stories lately of little babes getting seriously hurt from this :( It's so high.  My inner Mummy panic was pushed to full throttle.

Operation remove cot sides today and transition into toddler bed starting now.

Raising Ace really has been so different and such a new experience. He makes he feel like a first time Mum over and over. What's the go? Boo would have quiet happily stayed in her cot until she was 5 and now this little feisty monkey at 20 months says game over, I'm out!

I keep saying it's a boy thing... actually, I'm saying it a lot! It just seems SO appropriate in our case... such a bruiser boy.

So anyway, I'm sure this transition will be completely different to what we experienced with Boo. If my vibe is anything to go by, there shall be some interesting posts coming up about our night and bed time antics with a certain little boy.

Has anyone got any fab tips that helped ease the transition? I think this Mumma will need all the help she can get.

To be continued....


Exactly one year ago...

We packed up our life and did the whole "sea change" thing.

One year... I can't believe it. Well I can, but one year is a long time!

In some ways it seems that this has been our life forever. Then I look at photo's of our old home it feels as we were just there. Weird.

Was it the right decision? Absolutely.

Moving was the best decision that we could have made for our family. It has opened up so many lifestyle opportunities for us and brought us all closer than ever. I think my favourite one would be seeing what a close relationship our children are building with their grandparents. The bonus of living two minutes away from them.

Our journey one year on is really just beginning though. Within the next 4 or so weeks, we will be starting to see our family home being built before our eyes. A very exciting time for us. We have planned and designed this home to be everything we want and need. We are SO excited to see the plan come to life. I cant wait to share it all with you.

This year hasnt all been rosy though. I did have many doubts and down moments with feeling like I didn't belong. I came to the conclusion that it was all just a part of our new beginning, a part of moving forward and leaving what you know behind.

I think a big part of it was not having a "home". Yes, we were able to find a beautiful rental that anyone would be happy to live in, but it wasn't ours... it wasn't home.

The path to finding our "home" has been a draining one for me. Offers being put in on houses, sales falling through, things I am not made for. I fall with my heart and my head often doesn't think. Lucky somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that the universe would deliver what was meant to be, and that it did. Everything that fell through, fell through for a reason.

So bring on our second year, it will be a wonderful and exciting one awaiting the completion of our new nest. Hopefully it comes around quickly... or I might have to have serious words with the building supervisor. Lucky I am married to him, I might have some pull ;)

Leaving you with some happy snaps of our first year down the coast.



Some chocolatey hot cross bun goodness.


Oh my. First attempt at hot cross buns and I must say... bit dangerous having 11 more of the little buggers sitting there while I am home alone with the kids.

Just used the Thermomix EDC recipe except did chocolate chips instead of sultanas. "Apparently" the recipe also had an egg in it. Meh, couldn't tell it was missing.

Off to make a cup of tea to have with the other half of my bun. Nap and quiet time in the house won't last all afternoon.

Countdown for the fluffy bunny's visit!

The Easter countdown is in full swing in The Bower Birds Nest!

We have been busy making decorations and crafts to get us all in the mood.

Boo is as crafty as they come. She would quite happily paint, cut, decorate and glue her way through the day. Ace seems to be a different story. Is it a boy thing? Having a girl first who is quite the girly girl, we have always done and enjoyed craft. I just presumed that children loved to do this sort of thing. It's just what kids do. Apparently not. Maybe he hasn't hit his craft potential yet? Maybe it's just not his thing.

Ace has decided that craft time goes something a little like this.

1. Sneak away from the craft area. Mummy is right into this, she won't even notice im gone.
2. Yep, she is still busy, so I will try get into my first priority. The pantry.
3. Bugger, she's caught me.
4. Back at the craft table, I'll try to annoy my sister as much as possible.
5. Plan failed. Mummy has separated us.
6. I'm bored. What's this glue taste like?
7. Last attempt, destroy and destruct. Surely they will want me to leave the craft table then.
8. Success. We now play and mummy and Boo do craft  later when I am asleep!

Anyway, we have still been making some pretty pieces. Maybe not as "pintrest" looking as when I discovered the idea's on there, but they are made with love from tiny hands and I think they look truly perfect.

Tomorrow's agenda, letter writing. We have to let Easter Bunny know that we won't be home over Easter as we are going CAMPING! Boo's first theory was that we just needed to take a sleeping bag for him and he could just stay in our tent. She has finally come around on just the letter idea, thank god. Bit easier on Mummy & Dad'n to explain ;)

Any festivities happening in your household yet?

Still a bit early, I know. We just like the get value for money on these occasions ;)


Travelling with babes in tow continued...

As mentioned in my Travelling with babes in tow post, I said I would share some of the things we do / organise / buy / pack before a trip. Things that just get everyone excited and prepared for the adventures ahead.

So here goes.

  • Starting with something very important. A countdown. Obviously if they are old enough, kids LOVE a good countdown, and so do I. Nothing better than crossing off days, or checking our countdown app's to see how many sleeps are left.

  • We did lots of lead up preparation with Boo (3 1/2 y.o) before our trip to Bali in February. This included lots of google images. The plane, the cabin of the plane, air hostesses, airports, seat belts, noises planes make. Anything I could think of to help her get familiar with what was going to happen, make it less confronting and most of all, make it fun! Some say OTT, pfft to them ;)

  • Lists, lists and then a list for my lists! Nothing makes you feel more prepared than to be organised. Less chance of forgetting something!

  •  A big stock up at the chemist. Yes, you can buy most things where ever you are going, but when you do need something a) do you really want to be traipsing around trying to find it and b) you will usually need it at some silly hour of the morning. We always travel with a good supply of medications and a first aid kit... Just incase! Listed below are just some of the things I like to have on hand.
* Panadol (adult and child)
* Hydra lite - Dehydration (gastro, food poisoning, bali belly ect...)
* Buscopan - Stomach cramps
* Maxalon - Nausea (prescription)
* Immodium - Diarrhoea
* Kwells - Travel / motion sickness
* Claratyne - Antihistamine (allergic reactions)
* Betadine
* Miltons sterilizing tablets - All you need is some clean water, a container and these tablets to sterilize bottles, dummies, sippy cups (all very important when travelling in foreign countries little babes)
* Sick bags (have you seen how small those paper bags or on airplanes? Would struggle trying to catch a child's vomit in one of them! TMI but true ;)
* First aid essentials (band aids ect...)

(Just my opinion. Obviously majority are for adults. Consult with your GP prior to your holiday for advice on what you should take.)

  • Photocopies of passports and travel documents to be packed in check-in luggage. If you have the misfortune of of losing your travel wallet, it's much easier to get things replaced if you have copies.

  • A quick email to confirm transfers, portacot hire, and anything else you may be thinking twice about.

Hope there is something helpful somewhere in there.

Have you got a tip that helps you prepare for a holiday? Would love to hear it!


Travelling with the babes in tow.

Yesterday, I had a play date with a Mum I hadn't caught up with for some time.

We had lots to talk about, including family holidays that we had both been on since our last catch up.

We shared our stories of the good, the bad and the really bad LOL.

It got me thinking...

What's your take on family holiday's with young children? Do you love it? Are you obsessed by it? Or maybe you would rather listen to nails down a black board than to sit on a plane with young children?

I think some people are afraid of travelling with young children. Afraid of the unknown. Afraid it will end in rocking back and forth down the back of a plane with a screaming child. Hey, it might... but who cares. Your on holidays. In another one, two, six hours you would have forgotten all about it and would be enjoying your family on a fab holiday!

I personally think travelling with babes in tow is the bee's knee's. I tell anyone who will listen. We have been on a few holidays with our babes now and there is always a countdown in progress until the next.

I thought I might share over the next few weeks, some holiday / travel tips that we have picked up along the way that help make our holidays smooth sailing.

So watch this space if you have a holiday with babes on the horizon!