Our new nest is on it's way!

For those that follow me on Instagram, it will be no new news that our house is FINALLY underway!

Ridiculous excitement levels here, mainly from Boo and myself. Dad'n is more focused on building it rather than getting involved in our hysteria and Ace... well, he is more about the mud.

As I have mentioned in the past, we have built before, but I don't ever remember it being this exciting!

What is it about this one?

I'm not sure if it's because I am at home raising the kids, so have more time to drive past / plan / ponder?

Maybe it's because we are seeing where our future will be played out with our children? All our other homes have always been short term in the scheme of things, always having plans to move.

Is it because we designed this home?

Who knows... who cares... I just know that it is all pretty damn awesome.

We were off to a rocky start with the site cut of the block taking longer / being more involved than first thought.  The weather also turned on us and we were left with the reality of trying to build a home in the middle of winter. All fun and games right? Easy for me to say from the comfort of my ballet flats on the footpath.


Before construction could start, we had to get some of the foundations fixed up to make sure we didn't end up with any issues down the track. This included one serious retaining wall with drains down the side of the block where it was cut by the excavations.

Time started dragging about here and I was ready to see some "house". Not some wall. Some house!

This was also the point where I turned slightly bratty and toddler like. I decided it was time to leave my poor husband to the task and just wait patiently for the next phase. It was hard, but figured for the sake of our marriage, I could do it ;)

It is a damn fine retaining wall though!

Within a few more days, I got to see some actual house.

The plumbers had laid their pipes, concreter's boxed up for the slab, slab was poured and framers began. I felt I could settle. It was happening. Not it 4 weeks, not in a few days, now!

Frame is just about finished today and bricklayers have just started. Actually, so has the rain. This is seeming to be a regular occurrence, imagine that in winter?

Boo has picked her room. Ace could not of cared less. Who cares where you will sleep when there is that much mud around?

I'm starting to have the usual wife worries. What if the furniture I have bought doesn't fit / suit where. Maybe I should have made this room bigger / smaller. All first world problems that I love having. Dad'n has also formulated a standard response to everything that comes out of my mouth... "just wait until it's finished'. So I guess I will just have to wait until it is finished!

Now to get it to lock up & fix :) I'm ready to see and open our front door!

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