When kids say things that could be taken the wrong way!

You know the one when your kids say something that makes you cringe like crazy and want to explain yourself for the next 20 minutes?

Yep. That one. I've got a bit of a scenario like that happening at the moment.

It all started weeks back.

We were all in the car. Dad'n, Boo, Ace and myself. We were driving and half way through a round about decided to change where we were going, so continued around the round about in a full circle and go back the way we came from.

Kids thought this was great that we were going right around and Dad'n was adding to the excitement by yelling "Woooo round and around we go... it's circle work!" This is where it all began.

Now I already feel the need to explain here. It was definitely NOT circle work. Dad'n does not do circle work, and I most definitely do not do circle work. It just came out of his mouth LOL.

I now have a situation on my hands with Boo.

Every time we go around a round about or do a U turn, Boo feels the need to yell out "WOOOO MUMS DOING CIRCLE WORK!!" I sometimes just randomly get requests from her while driving to "do circle work Mum".

Oh dear. So so SO awkward!

I've explained to her so many times that it is NOT called circle work. It simply driving in a circle, and that we should stop saying that.  Apparently, circle work, as it is now known, is stuck.

So please, people that know us, people that live around our area, maybe go to our Kinder? If you hear a delightful little 4 year old girl divulging that her Mum always does circle work in the car, remember this post.

I promise. I don't!

Any things that come to your mind that kids have said that make you go "wha tha?".


If you liked my cleaning schedule, here it is for you to save and print out...

Last week... Possibly the week before? I shared a cleaning schedule that I had just made up to help keep my sparkling new house in order.

I had a few messages asking for a copy so thought I might pop it up on here so you could follow / save / print it out.

If I was a fabulous blogger, computer whiz banger, I would have it available as a downloadable for you... but I'm not :)

Has the schedule been helping here?


My housework has been completely up to date.

Still early days yet, but I am liking only having the few tasks to do each day. I can get them done while kids are having down time, instead of trying to rush through a never ending list.

It really has helped us free up a lot of time in  our household.

Is there anyone else that follows a cleaning schedule? Has it helped you?