Our new and improved laundry... Did someone say storage?

When building a home, you try and cram as many ideas and wants as you can in the process. 
Unfortunately, in the process, sometimes there are wants that just don't get across the line due to sheer lack of availability or funds.
It was an exciting month in The Bower Birds  Nest, as I was able to see of my 'wants' come to life and get the laundry I wanted. 
Even if it was 18months down the track...
So here it is!
Our new and improved laundry.
It makes me VERY happy. Like kind of a bit sickly happy. We all know by now that I am a bit odd like that. Oh and that I also like to label everything.
Enjoy the laundry gallery!







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  1. It looks amazing! My laundry is a shoebox, I'm so jealous.