Cloud play dough.

It is a seriously dreary day here today.

Constant drizzling and COLD!

As soon as we got up this morning, Boo requested a home day. Who was I do argue ;)

Friday's are go with the flow day's here with nothing scheduled, so a home day it was.

Home days often coincide with pyjama days also. Do they at your house too? MMM pj's.

So with not much on for the day, I thought I would checkout my Pintrest craft board for some inspiration. We all scrolled through and decided to give "Cloud Play Dough" a whirl.

What you need:

Food colouring.

That's it!

That is half the reason that I sold the idea to the kids so hard... It was simple.

What to do:

Put your corn flour in a bowl...
Mix in conditioner until you get a dough consistency...
Knead in some food colouring...It is hard to give amounts because I only made a small batch with what corn flour I had in the pantry. Apparently it also depends on the type of conditioner you use to how much you need. It really is just a "mix until it feels right".

As simple as the instructions are, it was quite messy. I feel messier than normal play dough.

The dough became VERY sticky before it made a good play dough. I had to keep adding flour to help with it sticking.

It reached its best play probably after 30 minutes or so of playing. It stopped sticking. It was soft. It was "cloud" like.

I tell you what though, it was the best smelling play dough I have ever smelt :)

And I had two very happy little people.


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