Dear Boo.

Dear Boo,
Last night you said something. It was something that brought me to tears and left your Daddy speechless.
It was something so important that it has made me write you this letter.
I want you to remember it forever.
Here is how is went...
Boo: I'm going to marry a Prince one day...
Mummy: Of course you are baby, I wonder where you will find him?
Boo: Oh I will just find him...
Mummy: Well whoever it may be I'm sure they will be just as amazing as you deserve.
Boo: Yep, he will have good manors, he will be kind, he will never ever be rude to me and he will treat me good. Just like Daddy. I want one just like Daddy.
Mummy: Yes Boo, just like Daddy (insert tears here as I walk out of the room).
Just as I said Boo, remember this forever.
Your Prince just has to treat you as you deserve. The way you knew, even being just four years of age.
Love you always and forever,
Mummy xx

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