Boo's quote of the day...

There was silence in the car today as we were driving home from our Maternal Health Nurse appointment.

Obviously the silence prompted Boo's mind to start ticking over.

Of all things that a nearly 3 year old could be thinking of... This came out of her mouth.

Boo: "Mum........ (insert long pause)"

Me: "Yes Boo"

Boo: "Acey is strange"

I'm sure over the years she will call her brother many names... but at nearly 3 years of age, I didnt think strange would be one of them!

I love Boo. Listening to her all day is the most entertained I have ever been in my 28 years. Her thoughts, quotes, ideas. They are wonderful.

Oh and by the way, he isnt strange at all LOL.


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  1. Tee hee hee, Boo is a funny one! And Ace is definitely not strange- he is adorable!!!!