Organising a craft work station for kids!

With Boo and Ace growing up before my eyes, I am having to adapt some of the ways we organise things around the nest.

What worked for the craft / drawing station 12 months ago, isn't working for us now as we are hitting different stages with them both.

I decided this week that our craft / drawing table in the play room needed a make over to reflect them getting older and these different stages.

One of the things I have noticed, especially with Boo, is that she has her own belongings now. They are things that she looks after, and that it would be great if she had her own space to keep them safe. Up until now, everything has all been shared things. Sharing is great. We are all for sharing our things. But when Boo spends hours filling in her colouring books, it breaks my heart to see Ace follow behind scribbling all over her work.

We have zoned the table into 3 areas. On the left is Ace's area. Middle is shared. Right is Boo's.

- The set of drawer's is for their Smiggle cases, pens that they would like to keep special, their own stamps ect.
- The magazine holder is for their colouring books.
- The box on top of their draws is to put special artwork / pictures in that we want keep.
- In the centre is shared paper, pencils and textas.
- Craft supplies are in a separate cupboard.

All up the make over came in at $80.00 which included new textas and pencils.
All of the aqua desk organising items were on clearance from Target between $4.00 - $6.00 each.
The clear plastic drawers were from Officeworks - $16.00 each.
The white "stationary caddies" were cutlery holders from a local $2.00 shop for you guessed it... $2.00 each.
The labels were something I whipped up on a Word document and just laminated them.
Happy organising!


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